‘Amor fati’

Simple thought patterns

Chapter 1:

People make this spiritual awakening process look so easy, don’t they?  Well, let me tell you a short story.

How transformative one simple thought pattern can turn into being something so special. 

It is amazing how we discover the mysteries through a huge setback, it does not matter in what form it appears, energy is energy.

About six years ago I was diagnosed with level one cervical cancer, so the doctor told me I will be climbing up the ladder to level four.  This meant fertility with all the beauty of a mother, will not be experienced and felt through my womb.

 I went back home with options of contraceptives that would help me re balance my hormones, I was not really fond of this idea, although I did not even know what the consequences would end up being. 

I ended up making an appointment for a hormonal IUD. 

Before all this could happen, something stirred up in me, so on that Friday night I stayed home.

I was just too tired with all the ups and downs emotions.

 I halfheartedly made a small prayer about feeling uneasy about this decision for an IUD.

Later that night a stage appeared right before me, with a curtain that rolled up, it was a lesson I wont ever forget, I mean who gets first class concert right in your house without any effort? 

These beings that were teaching me that night, told me about my health situations, how unhealthy I am and what I should be doing to get myself going again.

I was only 24 years old; this could not be the end!?  

I ended up going on a detox that next morning, as I felt really bad with the way I used to eat, from all the sugary products, the take-ways, the oils I used to do the cooking with, even the salt I ate was bad.

How could all this affect my womb? 

After all this and the mountain in front of me it just added another mile just to inform me about the products I use on my skin and even synthetic materials that also causes imbalance. 

This was not the end, the tampons and pads that were affecting a great part of this cancer.

Thanks to Inter Antennae menstrual cup that has become my best friend, I will never use tampons and pads again!

The last question was what will I be doing to stay active? 

This seemed crazy enough to happen!

The thought was unbearable to think where I should start, cause where would I find all I need anyway?  Well, everything that is a teacher shows you that there are many options, signs started to appear one by one guiding me to answers and leading me to a way of health consciousness. 

Books on chakras are an awesome way to help and guide you on what your body needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We try so much to fix every part of our body, yet somehow, we feel we did not and do not get anywhere because there is still some empty whole inside of us.

The chakras are color energy wheels in your body that generate a lot of love that will assist to transform you in the best way possible. 

There are so many Energy healers today, from Reiki healers, Prana healers, Chakra healers and Spiritual Life Coaches, and this is just a few named as there are endless possibilities to heal. 

It was a year later and time to go for my check up by the doctor, I believe there is no other way than having a strong believe system of warrior mode when it gets to the moment where some entity wants to disturb your soul, for where there is a will then there is a way and multiple ways.  That day the doctor wanted to tell me that I cannot just be healed, and especially not just because I eat healthy. 

I wanted to jump onto this woman right here and scream to the top of my lungs that it does have everything to do with what you eat.

I kept silent as to know she needs to go somewhere down there which is already a situation.  As we did the sonar and tests, I guess we could say that this woman probably met God the first time that day.  

So Yes, we do have broken bits in our DNA, but we also have endless ways and possibilities to activate new DNA strands and even in multiple different structures!!

Overcome your fears and expand in your potential. 

As a woman it is our birthright and nature to take up responsibility on our own womb and should be of no effort to take care of.  We are the birth givers to life and to really get to understand the sacredness of being a woman is in how we take care of ourselves, to how we act as a woman of wisdom. 

The way we treat our children and other woman in this lifetime, shapes everything in this world and who we become. 

All the ways of greed, anger, love, pain, joy, self-control, abundance, gentleness, health and wealth are all fruits from the womb and if taken good care of, we can eat the good fruits with the seeds we choose to plant.

The summary of the first part of this article is as follows:

So many options of sanitary products are available to us today.  Pads, tampons, sponges to menstrual cups, I believe that it is important to test out which ones works best for you.  In the end us females menstruate every month, 13 times a year which means roughly 455 times in a lifetime.  We all come from this special sacred space, the givers of birth from the spirit world into this world is special and so powerful, and this should be greatly respected and taken care of.  We hear so many stories and can all relate to our woman and our hormones, menstruation is one of the most important aspects in our lives and it plays out to be one of the biggest purposes for us to be able to be here today, we don’t even come close to realize this when we are so caught up to a busy full scheduled life and to just stop and consider that this flowing river springs for many wonderful things and also some necessary responsibilities to act out.  This means that we give this over to our offspring from generation to generation.  How do we teach this to our children will determine their future?

 It can either be a blessing or a cursing.  Why is this that we here so many stories of womb and breast cancer in today’s lifetime?

Is there something that we all are missing here? Our responsibility as a female is so richly carved and the detail that is put in it is huge! 

Everything we from what we believe, think, eat, wear, the products we use on our skin, the products we use for menstruating, emotions are just the tip of the iceberg for our well being and of the bigger life cycle it plays out.  We are a generation in the center of past and future, only nowadays the access of information is so easy to find, but we must understand that we cannot blame our parents for not knowing better, but it is in our own power to change things not only for ourselves but fort our children and generations to follow.

We as  woman are so confused and always trying to compare ourselves with other woman, yet the only thing that really matters is what you feel beneath your own skin, focusing too long on other people, makes you miss out on what you as a human need, and what will you do different and better so that your daughter might benefit from, instead of day dreaming on empty hollows?

To be continued …

Queenie Love